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Why Not Build Your Own Website?

Why Not Build Your Own Website?

Can you build your own Internet Search Engine? Can you build your own cell phone network? Can you work on your car’s engine, or clean your own teeth? Why on earth would you want to build your own website?

I can think of many things that you need to do in getting your business up and running, or keeping it on track, than to spend the countless hours of aggravation and frustration to properly build a functional website. Key on those words (properly and functional). What do you know about web development, coding and SEO? My guess, is very little, since you are reading this blog, you are searching for an answer to your website dilemma.

Companies that offer the “build your own website” design, are focused on convincing you, that you have the knowledge and creative talent to do this. Well guess what, you don’t. I have been in the creative and marketing business for more than 40 years, and I can tell you, I have worked with some pretty smart clients over the years. They were damn good at what they do and very successful in their business. But they never, ever, took on the creative challenge. Could they build a website? Most certainly, almost anyone can play follow the form and fill in the blanks. Hell, we were doing this back when we were kids with paint by number. And they make it sound so simple, like everything is sitting right there on your computer desktop, waiting for you to drag and drop. There’s a great phrase; Drag and Drop.

Honestly, if it were that simple, I would be doing it too. But it is not that simple, and really, like you, I have other things to do to keep my business on track. So I opt to have my people do this work. I hired the best designers and web developers I could find, and I step back from this “technology world” and let them do what they do best. I can say they never fail me, and they always impress me with new things. And new things is what the Internet is all about. The world of cyber marketing is constantly changing. Not once a year, try just about every day. If it is not software updates or changes, it’s SEO requirements and keeping up with Google. What do you know about the latest WordPress updates and plugins? My guess is nothing. Well if you want your website to whistle at everyone searching for your product, you had better know these things.

We know all about the Internet, Google and WordPress, and we are bringing our experience, creative talent and knowledge to work for you. With our platform, we will do it for you. All you have to do is tell us what your business is, give us your basic information and a few of your photos and we will put it all together for you. And, it will be done properly and it will function properly. You continue to do what you do best.

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