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Q- What is the most important thing a new small business needs most?
A- Your website—customers looking for your products or services will undoubtedly seek you out on Google first, before ever calling you directly.

Of course you have questions, and we are always available to help answer them! Here are a few of the most common we receive:

Q- How can you build a website for $500?
A- We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff of developers, and can do as promised.

Q- What if I need to make changes after my site launches?
A- We have a website services link—you can submit your change request and we will evaluate. If it is no big deal, we will make the change. If it is a larger time commitment, we will provide you with an estimate of cost.

Q- When the site is complete, do I have any contract commitments?
A- Not from us. Your site belongs to you. You will have a commitment to your host provider. This is between you and your hosting service.

Who Can Use Our Website Services ?

Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor’s Office
Optometrist & Eye Care
Professional Legal Services
Automotive Repair Garages
Contractors (residential)
Home Repair Services
Home Improvement
HVAC Services
Maid Services
Computer Repair
Financial Services

Sewer & Drain Cleaners
Carpet Cleaning
Chimney Sweep
Yard Services
Landscape Services
Insurance Sales
Real-Estate Agents
Specialized Services
Education & Training
Printers & Office Supplies

Restaurants & Bars
Hair Stylist & Nail Care
Spa Services
Limo & Taxi Services
Retail Shops
Accounting Services
Used Car Dealers
Religious Organizations
Home Healthcare Services
Office Administration Services
Farm & Ag
Any Small Business

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