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Falling Into The Trap.

Falling into the Trap.

When you’re searching for somebody or something to help your business succeed, the word FREE should not be your intention. As the saying goes, you only get what you put into it, and if you put in nothing, you get nothing in return. Website companies like Wix and are not going to give you anything for free. In fact, they will take from you much more than you expect. Understanding their method, using a free website to hook you into a long contract of added expenses, which if you decide to exit, say goodbye to your website domain name. You might as well say goodbye to your business identity and web equity.

I have seen this so many times over the years, people have come to us with this same story. It amazes me how many fall into this trap. The signs are all around you, but still you want to believe in this, because you feel it is your solution to a website. And what’s really a shame, is that people thinking free is it, and still they have to do the work. The end results are never satisfying, and a major part of your business does not live up to your expectations. Well, guess what, you’re not a professional graphic designer and you are certainly not a web developer. So you get what you pay for. Oh right, you did not pay anything, right, and now you are paying, in more ways than one.

Good luck with that.

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